EU Login migration Help

In order to comply with European Commission IT security requirements, BTSF ACADEMY users must sign into the platform through the EU Login portal from 1 July 2023. Your BTSF ACADEMY user account will have to be linked (migrated) to your EU Login too.

Find your Unique identifier at the Commission (uid)

Please find some guidance below for the location of your 'Unique identifier at the Commission (uid)' in the EU Login page.

  • 1) Go to and log in with your credentials.
    - It is possible to create a new account if needed via Create an account
  • 2) Click on the cog on the top right corner and select My Account
  • 3) Then click on My account details

    Access to my account

  • 4) You will find your Unique identifier at the Commission (uid) in the next screen.

    My account details

  • IMPORTANT: please include your Unique identifier at the Commission (uid) in your applications for F2F/VC training activities and eLearning courses using the corresponding email address for all communications.

IMPORTANT: migration is only for BTSF ACADEMY users; once you have created an EU Login account, please ensure you migrate your account, as follows:

  • On the BTSF ACADEMY Login page, click on EU login migration aid.
  • On the EU login migration aid click on "Click here to start"
    • 1 Enter the email address that has been associated with your EU Login account.
    • 2) Enter your password used for the creation of the EU Login account.
    • 3) Insert your BTSF ACADEMY credentials Username (former one) with the associated password.
      NB: In case, you have forgotten your password from the BTSF ACADEMY credentials, you have to write to us at and then we can manually change it for this purpose.
    • 4) After login with the BTSF ACADEMY credentials, the final step will consist of "confirming".
  • After clicking on "Head to BTSF Academy", you will be redirected to the BTSF ACADEMY login page
  • From now on, please click on the EU Login button to log in with your EU Login "Unique identifier at the Commission (uid)".
Last modified: Friday, 22 March 2024, 2:18 PM