The eLearning module aims to inform the key actors in charge of pesticide risk assessment and management, as well as pesticide users, about the specific tools, techniques and practices that lead to lower exposure of non-target organisms, including human beings, to pesticides.

The specific objectives of the training are:

  • To present good practices, tools, techniques and procedures relating to risk mitigation measures in the field of pesticides.
  • To present how these measures can be considered in the risk assessment to help the peer review process for active substances and the mutual recognition of authorisations of Plant Protection Products (PPPs).
  • To inform users of PPPs with practical information on the better application of appropriate risk mitigation measures, with special attention to the potential savings of costs and of pesticides (i.e. of direct relevance for farmers).
  • To complement BTSF training courses on integrated pest management, on risk assessment, and on pesticide drift reduction.


 365 days access
  • Average duration: 6 hours
  • 5 Units
  • Self-Paced
  • Multimedia
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Risk mitigation measures for pesticides use - eLearning module