Summary fiche

The overall objectives of the BTSF Training Programme/Course on Animal by-products in the western Balkan countries emphasize the economic opportunities as well as the challenges that arise from the proper collection, storage, processing, and placing on the market of animal by-products, as well as the overall strategy of the BTSF initiative, the following objectives for this training course have been formulated:

  • to enhance/reinforce compliance with EU legislation.
  • to raise awareness on the importance of safe handling of ABPs.
  • to raise awareness on  the economic opportunities arising from safe ABPs’ processing.

The training will focus, inter-alia, on a presentation of the different opportunities that can be adopted according to field situations and volumes.


The course addresses the following topics:

  • ABPs rules in the EU.
  • Implementing the rules and relevant challenges.
  • Organisation and financial aspects of the collection of dead-on-farm-animals and disease culling.
  • Building up an ABPs collection and processing system
  • Small scale, centralised and integrated solutions for ABPs management.
  • Livestock production renewable energy sources.
  • ABPs channels of marketing.
  • ABPs management.

Target audience

This Training Programme has been designed for the profiles and positions described below. Please verify compliance with the selection criteria before submitting or validating applications.

  • Competent authorities of central, regional and local level.
  • Stakeholders, operators and associations, in particular from the Western Balkan countries. 

Calendar and locations

Session Start Date End Date City Country
1 22/11/2022 24/11/2022 Zagreb Croatia