The main goal of the BTSF Training Programme/Course on Chemical Risk Assessment is to disseminate best practices for the implementation of principles and methods of food chain risk assessment, improving knowledge of this complex area of work and ensuring consistent and high implementation standards across the European Union.

  • Objective 1: Promoting reduction of discrepancies in procedural aspects of risk assessment
  • Objective 2: Contribute to the harmonisation of risk assessment approaches
  • Objective 3: Contribute to increasing transparency and building trust amongst Member States’ authorities in each other’s risk assessments
  • Objective 4: Disseminate best practices for risk management and communication
  • Objective 5: Promote exchange of experience in order to increase the level of expertise and harmonisation of approaches

The course addresses the following topics:

  • Introduction to chemical risk assessment and its legal framework
  • Hazard Identification and Characterisation
  • Basic concepts in toxicology
  • Basic knowledge of different endpoints in toxicity studies
  • Chemicals in foods
  • Collection of consumption data
  • Collection of chemical occurrence data
  • Exposure estimations
  • Challenge of connecting consumption data with chemical occurrence data
  • Short introduction to Risk Communication

This Training Programme has been designed for the profiles and positions described below. Please verify compliance with the selection criteria before submitting or validating applications.

  • Have worked in functional areas of food chain risk assessment with a minimum of 3 years of professional experience or
  • Have had experience of setting up and implementation of food chain risk assessment in a Competent Authority (covering areas of food/ feed safety, animal health or animal welfare)
Session Start Date End Date City Country
1 10/02/2020 14/02/2020 Valencia Spain
2 14/02/2022 18/02/2022 online --
3 24/10/2022 18/10/2022 Rome Italy
4 16/10/2023 20/10/2023 Valencia Spain
5 27/05/2024 31/05/2024 Warsaw Poland
Chemical risk assessment