Summary fiche

The objective of this project is to improve knowledge and to raise awareness of the new provisions, regime and approach which is adopted based on the "Smarter rules for safer food" principles.


The BTSF training on Official Controls Regulation is aimed at spreading knowledge and enhancing professional skills on food labeling and information.

Target audience

The selection criteria for participants are:

  • Relevance to daily work: participants should in priority be staff of Competent Authorities, with a position related to Official Controls;
  • Sufficient level of language: in order to ensure the transfer of knowledge and opportunities to exchange views, participants should master the language of the training session for which they applied, if not specified otherwise the official language of the workshops will be English.
  • Ability to share their experience: priority will be given to participants whose position will allow them to share with colleagues the outputs of the training sessions.
  • Preferably officers working at food control authorities in a central administration level or local administration level and who are responsible for the development, coordination or implementation of the official monitoring and controls plans.
  • IT requirements: the participants will need a laptop with up-to-date software, with camera and microphone (built in or external) and reliable WIFI connection.

Calendar and locations

Session Start Date End Date Location
1 18/10/2021 22/10/2021 Virtual
2 06/12/2021 10/12/2021 Virtual
3 31/01/2022 04/02/2022 Virtual
4 07/03/2022 11/03/2022 Virtual
5 04/04/2022 08/04/2022 Virtual
6 30/05/2022 03/06/2022 Virtual
7 05/07/2022 08/07/2022 Trim, Ireland
8 04/10/2022 07/10/2022 Bucharest, Romania
9 15/11/2022 18/11/2022 Rome, Italy
10 06/12/2022 09/12/2022 Silema, Malta
11 24/01/2023 27/01/2023 Lisbon, Portugal