The overall objectives of the BTSF Training Programme on Food hygiene primary production - Aquatic Animals are:

  • To develop a broad knowledge of different hazards (chemical, biological and physical) that can occur along the food chain;
  • To provide information about problems that are inherent to specific production, processing, conservation and distribution methotds to identify non-compliance and fraudulent practices;
  • To raise awarness and develop knowledge about the EU laws and ensure their correct enforcement;
  • To promote a harmonised approch to the operation of EU and national control systems by sharing best practices.

This Training Programme has been designed for the profiles and positions described below. Please verify compliance with the selection criteria before submitting or validating applications.

  • Staff of Competent Authorities involved in official control activities.
  • It should be clear from their background and professional position that the participation in the training activity is a key element for the improvement of their skills and competence for their job.
  • The trainees should have the required technical skills related to the fields mentioned under.
  • The course will be held in English. In order to be able to understand and actively participate in the sessions, exercises and case studies, we invite you to give priority to only register the participants who can read and speak English.
  • The participants will be requested to commit themselves to use the knowledge gained from the courses and also disseminate it via different dissemination methods i.e. informing colleagues about the information received at the training, distributing (photocopying or sending via electronic way) the training material among their colleagues, preparing informative articles in the professional national or, if possible, in international journals, preparing presentations based on the training material for the National Competent Authorities’ professional trainings or other dissemination methods which could be appropriate to share the information received via the BTSF trainings.
Session Start Date End Date City Country
3 20/11/2023 24/11/2023 Vigo Spain
4 12/02/2024 16/02/2024 Treviso Italy
6 08/04/2024 12/04/2024 Treviso Italy
Food hygiene at primary production: Aquatic Animals