Animal Nutrition - eLearning module

This eLearning course is aimed at allowing participants to improve their knowledge and skills in:

  • Definitions used in feed: feedingstuffs, compound feed, complete feed, complementary feed, mineral feed and other definitions in Regulation 767/2009, feed additives, premixtures, processing aids (Regulation 1831/2003).
  • General principles of feed marketing: objectives.
  • Labelling and advertising of feed materials and compound feed (Regulation 767/2009): principles, responsibility of labelling.
  • Catalogue of feed materials, restricted materials, packaging of feed.
  • Feed additives: functions, conditions of authorisation, assessment (Regulation 1831/2003).
  • Distinction between feed materials, compound feed, complementary feed, premixtures, feed additives and veterinary medicinal products.
  • Feed for particular nutritional purposes (Regulation 767/2009).
  • Claims (Regulation 767/2009).
  • Medicated feed (Directive 90/167).
  • Undesirable substances in feed (Directive 2002/32):
  • - Definition of undesirable substances.
    - Objectives of Directive 2002/32.
    - General principles of Directive 2002/32 (Monitoring, mitigation measures).
    - Maximum levels and action thresholds.
    - Regulated substances and products: Mycotoxins, Dioxins/PCBs, Toxins of plant origin, etc.
    - Carry over of coccidiostats to non-target feed.


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  • Average dedication: 8 hours
  • 4 Units
  • Self-Paced
  • Multimedia
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Animal nutrition - eLearning module