The overall objective of the BTSF training course on EU Risk analysis approach for non-EU countries is to disseminate the principles and methods of food safety risk analysis, improving knowledge of this complex area of work, improving the knowledge of non-EU Countries on the European control systems and legislation.:

The course addresses the following topics:

  • The concept of risk assessment (as applied in national and in EFSA and other international food safety organizations).
  • The role of international regulatory agencies and international risk assessment guidelines.
  • The three components of risk analysis – risk assessment, risk management and risk communication.
  • Risk assessment approach steps according to the WHO: problem formulation, hazard identification, hazard characterisation, exposure assessment and risk characterisation.
  • How to perform a structured risk assessment.
  • The process of hazard and risk identification.
  • Risk analysis on regulated products and Plant health.
  • Chemical contaminants and chemical risk analysis (hazard identification, hazard characterization, exposure assessment and risk characterization in chemical risk assessment, risk management and risk communication).
  • Risk analysis on Zoonosis and Animal Health with a focus on Microbiological Risk Analysis.
  • New Official Controls Regulation (OCR) and Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF).
  • Crisis management.

Participants shall represent staff of competent authorities involved in official control activities and represent staff of agricultural ministries responsible for food safety policy development and export affairs.

It should be clear from their background and professional position that the participation in the training activity is a key element for the improvement of the competencies.

Session Start Date End Date City Country
1 12/06/2023 15/06/2023 Skopje North Macedonia
2 16/06/2023 22/06/2023 Dar es Salaama Tanzania
3 13/11/2023 16/11/2023 Abidjan Ivory Coast
4 11/12/2023 14/12/2023 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
5 22/01/2024 25/01/2024 Panama City Panama
6 04/03/2024 07/03/2024 Kuala Lumpur
7 13/05/2024 16/05/2023 Tunis Tunisia
8 24/06/2024 27/06/2024 Jackarta Indonesia
EU Risk analysis approach for non-EU countries