Who can participate


The BTSF EU training courses are provided free of charge for government officials engaged in food and feed safety inspection of selected countries, appointed by their government.

Business operators and other government officials from other countries can also participate in training courses shall free places be available and shall the Commission deem it appropriate. These participants must cover the costs of their participation (transport, hotel, catering, etc.).


BTSF Non-EU is aimed at food producers and farmers, as well as governmental officials. The programmes include activities on two main themes: food safety and plant health; and animal health and welfare. They address three world regions: Africa and the ENP area; South and Central America and the Caribbean; and Asia and the Pacific.

BTSF Online

BTSF offers eLearning courses in 5 languages, which can be followed in the BTSF ACADEMY, available for government officials and staff of the National Competent Authorities worlwide.

  How to apply

  • BTSF EU: to register for one of these training courses, please contact your National Contact Point to check for availability and to apply for participation.
  • To register for BTSF Non-EU activities, please click on the following link to access your National Contact Point to check for availability and receive information on the requirements.
  • If you are an eligible applicant and wish to participate in a BTSF EU or BTSF Non-EU training activities, please contact the training provider of the specific course/s from your official mailbox (, to request registration for the training activities of your interest. Please see the Information Package for contact details.
  • If you are a governmental Official, from a EU Member State or from an invited Non-EU country, you can apply to the available BTSF Online eLearning courses, via the BTSF Online Application Form. In case you have any questions about the selection criteria, please consult with the relevant National Contact Point.
  • If you are a staff member working in EU Institutions and wish to participate in a BTSF Online eLearning course, please write to from your official mailbox (, to request registration.
  • For any other inquiries please send a message to and the BTSF ACADEMY Team will be glad to assist you.

BTSF Library

Since its launch and availability in May 2022, all EU and Non-EU Officials from National Competent Authorities worldwide, who are registered in the BTSF ACADEMY, have access to the BTSF Library.

The BTSF Library consists of a collection of learning materials produced during the implementation of the training activities within the BTSF Initiative. These contain video recordings of the training sessions, presentations, documents, links to external resources, etc.

All above resources are now available to all registered BTSF ACADEMY participants for consultation.

Participation in the BTSF training courses itself remains a matter of NCP’s approval and acceptance of the training provider.

If you are not yet registered, please send an e-mail to

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